Another classic case of racism from someone who will look you in the eye and tell you she is not a racist.

This time it is a woman, a White woman named amy cooper, walking with a dog in “the ramble”, an area of central park.

There is a Black man in the area, named Christian Cooper (no relation), who claims to be an avid bird-watcher.   He asks her to put her dog on the leash she is carrying (dogs in that area of central park are required to be leashed).   She refuses.

He starts video recording her.  She approaches him angrily demanding he stop doing so.

He asks her not to come close to him.  She disregards his request and tells him to stop videoing her.  He continues to video.

She threatens to call the cops.  He says “Please call the cops”.

She informs the man that “I’m going to tell them there’s an African man threatening my life” – a blatant lie.  And that is what she does, with a tone of voice that suggests great urgency.

Now, amy cooper is apologizing, and telling anyone willing to listen that she’s not a racist.

Yep, and Jeff Bezos is on welfare.

What a great idea.  You don’t like a polite, non-threatening request from a Black man?  Call the police and tell them he’s threatening to kill you.  Hey, he’s Black, right?  No issue about who to believe, right?

You can see the video by clicking here and scrolling down to where Mr. Cooper’s sister, Melody, put it out (Note to Ms. Cooper:  I can live without your “Karens” stereotype.  That “yeah, she’s one of them” use of the name may not be as vile as what amy cooper did, but it puts you in the same ballpark racially).

Real Racism.  It can come in any form from any source.  No group is immune to it or from it.  Certainly not a woman whose response to a perfectly reasonable request is to lie about being threatened…making sure to specify the race of the person she’s lying about, in the hope that it will make her lie more believable.


  • That is the type of woman that got Black Men lynched. What a disgrace to see that in this day and age. Sad.

  • Without watching the video my first question is; was she wearing a cross or crucifix?! It is NOT strictly black verses white or any other color vs color. First hand experience since the 60s has surprised me more than once. One workplace ended over specific prejudice and clash between the genders. It was claimed something offensive was spoken. Really, what day and for which occasion? Some of the same coworkers eff-bombed frequently and that was not an issue. Combined color and gender are strategic tactics and to often males are the target! I am convinced (again) the Civil Rights movement and gender competition are diabolical rights in America. And the beat does go on!

  • I watched the video. Sure handled well by Mr. Cooper. Obviously Miss Cooper was offended, surprised and acted with prejudice. So why I am seeing reports she has been fired from her job? Did this occur during work hours? Where is the connection between employment and person walking a dog?

    This is the problem with social media and professional media. I shall watch the flow of stories (for how long) to see the whole story.

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