Here is the latest installment in our Real Racism series – this one from Ewan Somerville’s article at which discusses a new  “anti-racism policy implemented at the United Kingdom’s Sheffield University:

Sheffield Students’ Union has banned white students from attending meetings for its new “anti-racism” policy.

The SU announced on Tuesday that it is shifting from a “non-racist to an actively anti-racist” stance.

But Sheffield SU bosses say “only black and minority ethnic students” will be allowed into meetings to share their views.

Those wishing to join two focus groups being held to discuss “how we can create an anti-racist Students’ Union” are promised on the sign-up form that the SU “really values hearing your experiences and ideas”.

However, a few paragraphs below, it states: “Please note that these sessions are only open to black and minority ethnic (BME) students.”

Translation:  we are fighting racism by running focus groups…which specifically accept or reject participants based on race.

Ahhhh, welcome to anti-racism” logic – Sheffield University style….which is right up (make that down) there with the Vietnam classic, “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.”

Real racism.  It comes in all forms from all sources.  No group is immune to it or from it:  certainly not a bunch of university students who apparently think their form of overt racism is, somehow, the acceptable kind.

Here’s the news, Sheffield:  it isn’t.

For roughly the 84,697th time in this blog I will remind hypocrites like these that you cannot fight racism by creating more of it – a lesson that some people seem determined never to learn.

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