This latest installment of the Real Racism series comes to us from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), via an editorial – an excellent one – published by the Washington Examiner.

Here are its key excerpts:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the House Democrats’ powerful campaign arm, has just abruptly purged half a dozen staffers. Why? Because they are white.

It appears that no one had anything against these particular staffers … except for the color of their skin. Although roughly half the committee’s full-time staff (13 of 27) were nonwhite, this was not enough for some Democratic members of Congress.

There are two possible interpretations of this mass-purge at the DCCC. Either a few Democrats are making a racial issue out of a patronage question, once again knifing each other under the cover of intersectionality, or Democrats are genuinely angry that half the staff at the DCCC are white. As often happens with the Democratic Left, it is difficult to tell just where the insincerity ends and the fanaticism begins.

Nobody wants to see whites take up identity politics or demand a certain quota of jobs anywhere. But that isn’t what this was about. This is about an organization that fires people from their current jobs because of their skin color. The insinuation that racist influences led Bustos to choose her staff and pass over better nonwhite candidates marks a continuation of what New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started when she absurdly accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of racism and sexism.

Do they really think that’s a realistic winning strategy in the long run? If so, then this week’s purge might have been a smart move.

Richard Nixon used to say that the way to win as a Republican was to run to the right for the primaries and veer back to the center for the election.  Obviously, this strategy for Democrats would start to the left.

But there are some issues where you can’t veer back to the center.  And naked racism of this kind is almost certainly one of them.

It might thrill the hardliners who consider making skin color and gender the primary determinant rather than merit.  But the problem is that, every time it is done, someone with the “wrong” skin color and/or gender who is more qualified, loses out based on those two physical attributes.

If this was wrong when applied to Black people and women, it is just as wrong when applied to White people and men.   And – trust me on this – they are going to notice.

And if Democrats think they can win the argument by calling people who complain about losing out this way racists, I have a feeling they are in for a big, unhappy surprise in November of 2020.

Real racism.  It comes in all forms from all sources.  No group is immune to it or from it.  Certainly not people who think their racism is the “good” kind that no one should oppose – even the people it is aimed at.

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  • Why is the left poking white men with a stick? According to them white men are responsible for slavery and misogynistic patriarchy. If they truly believe that, what is to stop white men from enslaving PoC and women again? So, I ask again why are they poking white men with a stick when they have so much to lose???

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