This latest installment of the Real Racism series comes from that bastion of intellectual resources…and politically correct sanctimony…Harvard University.

Would you believe that Harvard, along with a great many other similarly PC universities, is overtly racist?  Before answering, read this excerpt from the just-released Department of Justice statement:

Harvard admits that it uses race to decide whether to admit certain applicants to the college. Under Supreme Court precedent, Harvard must demonstrate that its use of race does not result in illegal discrimination. Harvard has failed to do so, and the Department filed a Statement of Interest that argues the plaintiffs should be allowed to proceed to a trial.

While Harvard admits to using race in its admissions process, it has failed to provide any meaningful criteria to explain how it weighs race against other factors in a candidate’s application (e.g., test scores and extracurricular activities), and how it limits its use of race to ensure that no illegal discrimination occurs. Supreme Court precedent requires Harvard to provide such an explanation, which it has failed to do in this case.

Further, the evidence shows that Harvard uses a “personal rating” that may be biased against Asian Americans. Based solely on a review of the applicant’s file, Harvard scores its applicants based on “subjective” factors such as “likability” and being a “good person” with “human qualities.” Harvard admits that, on average, it scores Asian-American applicants lower on this “personal rating” than applicants of other races.

Substantial evidence also demonstrates that Harvard admissions officers and committees consistently monitor and manipulate the racial makeup of incoming classes, which has resulted in stable racial demographics in Harvard’s admitted classes from year to year. The Supreme Court has called such attempts to “racially balance” the makeup of a student body “patently unconstitutional.”

Let me explain the problem in simple terms:

-Black students, in aggregate, are less likely than non-Blacks to have the academic credentials for Harvard.

-Asian students, in aggregate, are more likely than non-Asians to have the academic credentials for Harvard.

-Harvard, in an attempt to lessen this racial disparity, makes it easier for Black students to gain admission, thus increasing the number of Black students there.

-But, by so doing, it offers less opportunities for non-Black students to gain admission.  And Asian students appear to be especially hard-hit.

In other words, Harvard, is trying to redress racism by creating more of it.

Are you surprised that Asian organizations have banded together to file this DOJ complaint?

Real racism.  It comes in all forms from all sources.  No group is immune to it or from it – certainly not a sanctimonious Ivy League school which has, for years and years, decided that racism is just fine, as long as it coincides with what the school apparently sees as “good” racism” to benefit the “acceptable” race over the “who gives a damn” one.

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