I don’t have much time to blog right now.

But I just listened to Rep.  John Ratcliffe (D – TX) doing a devastation job on the charge that President Trump engaged in bribery (the impeachment claim Democrats have currently settled on after “quid pro quo”, then “extortion”, didn’t work) that is so definitive, so  unanswerable, I don’t know how Democrats can possibly pursue it with straight faces.

Ratcliffe established – with no disagreement from anyone on either side – that, in all the depositions and all the testimony, the word “bribery” was used exactly one time, period.  And that one time, it was used in conjunction with Joe Biden, not President Trump.

In other words, as it relates to President Trump, “bribery” is, literally, nonexistent.

In a sane world, that would be game, set, match.

But since this impeachment farce is not functioning in such a manner, you can bet it will be used anyway…and that most mainstream media will back it up.

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  • Will the impeachment of Trump be the catalyst for all out civil war???
    How long should Trump supporters keep getting physically attacked?
    What if the POTUS said, that the time is now for all patriots to defend our country and he calls for attacks on the Democrat Party and their allies?
    Why wasn’t the Democrat Party banned after the Civil War?
    Or, after they assassinated Lincoln?
    Or, when they refused to treat Blacks as equal?
    Or now, when they refuse to abide by the results of an election and actively work against the country?
    How far is too far?

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