What is going on in Minnesota?  Has the state become so radical-leftisized that violence against Republicans – both as a threat and a reality – is now commonplace?

Before you dismiss this as an exaggeration, I suggest you read John Hinderaker’s latest commentary at powerlineblog.com, where he details

-the “joke”, from a Democrat staffer, DFL deputy communications director William Davis, that Republicans should be beheaded after the mid-term elections (for which his punishment is, supposedly, a one-week suspension – which no realistic person believes is even in effect),

-the physical attack on Republican Representative Sarah Anderson, and

-the physical attack on Republican candidate for the state’s house of representatives, Shane Mekeland.

These are not fairy tales.  Every one of these events has occurred.  And there is no good reason to assume there won’t be more of the same or that the attacks will become still more violent – both in Minnesota and elsewhere.

Mr. Hinderaker ends his commentary by saying:

Similar incidents are taking place across the country. It isn’t just Antifa brownshirts in Portland and New York; low-level political violence by the Left is being mainstreamed. The problem with low-level violence is that it can rapidly escalate. So far, due to the miracles of modern science, no Republican politicians have been murdered by Democrats. Let’s hope that is still true on November 7.

He’s 100% correct.  And, by not reporting about these incidents, or tying them together, or identifying them as left wing radicals attacking Republicans/conservatives, while the Democrat beneficiaries of these attacks say little or nothing against what is being done on their behalf – mainstream media are the attackers’ willing accomplices.

This is not going to end well.  How can it?  And what will mainstream media say then – other than trying to figure out a way to blame it on Republicans, while squealing like stuck pigs if anyone concludes that they are biased?


UPDATE:  In case you’re wondering how extensively network news has covered these three incidents – one of them threatening and the other two overtly violent…

…the answer is that they have not covered them at all.  Not one second of reporting about any of this on ABC, or NBC, or CBS – whose local affiliate not only reported the Sarah Anderson story but interviewed her.

How do they have the nerve to call themselves news providers?  How do they have the nerve to call themselves anything but arms of the radical left and of Democrats – often one and the same?

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