In the early 1950’s, “Racket Squad” was the name of a popular TV show, starring Reed Hadley.  Apart from its entertainment value, the show uncovered/explained ways that scam artists fleeced unsuspecting victims.

Well, it is 2019.  And now we may have a very different variation of that show.  Racket “Squad” – i.e. the money scams being perpetrated by three of the four first-term Democrat House members calling themselves “the squad”.

Have you notice that, over the past couple of months, this quartet, comprised of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, ilhan omar, rashida tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, after being in the news just about daily, has dropped out of the headlines?

Well here, via excerpts from Andrew Kerr’s article at dailycaller.com, is a partial list of charges against three of them (the full article has a lot more), which just may be the reason why:

The three most prolific members of the so-called “squad” of freshman Democratic congresswoman face allegations of violating campaign finance laws and House ethics rules for their personal or political benefit 10 months into their terms.

Ocasio-Cortez Could Face ‘Jail Time’ Over Unreported Affiliation With Outside PAC

Ocasio-Cortez’s relationship with Justice Democrats became the subject of intense scrutiny in 2019, resulting in two complaints submitted to the FEC.

One complaint, submitted in April, centered on Ocasio-Cortez’s control over Justice Democrats while the PAC was simultaneously supporting her primary campaign.

Ilhan Omar Diverts Campaign Funds To Alleged Boyfriend

Reports surfaced in August that Omar was having an affair with married Democratic consultant Tim Mynett, according to a divorce filing by his wife, Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett.

FEC records revealed that Omar’s campaign had disbursed tens of thousands of dollars in “travel expenses” to Tim Mynett’s company, E. Street Group, LLC.

House Ethics Panel Recommends Subpoena Over Rashida Tlaib’s Campaign Payments

The five members of the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) board voted unanimously in November to recommend the House Ethics Committee continue its investigation into whether Tlaib improperly diverted campaign funds for her personal use.

Let me again remind you that these are excerpts of a much longer article.  There is a lot more here, and I strongly urge you to use the link I’ve provided to read every word, every charge against this bunch.

In a more perfect world, we’d like our politicians to be honest stewards of government.  But, even some of the charges leveled against these members of “The Squad” are true, what we really have is a group of blatant scam artists, who have insulated themselves from scrutiny by whining “racism” and “sexism” every time someone notices.

Well, as a non-racist and non-sexist, I’m noticing.  And so should you.

Somewhere in the ether, Reed Hadley is heartily approving.

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