President Trump, in all his tweets about Baltimore, has still not said one word about race.  He has not posted one racial epithet.

And, in the last two days, numerous assessments of Baltimore have been uncovered from Democrats, including Bernie Sanders, Catherine Pugh – who made the comments while mayor of Baltimore, and a major feature, just months ago, in the New York Times.

But you would never know this if you heard every major Democrat politician jump on the “Trump is a racist” bandwagon, or try to find media coverage of the similar judgments about Baltimore from Sanders, Pugh and The Times (among others).

What you have heard and seen is a non-stop rat-a-tat claim that, by daring to talk about the horrific conditions of today’s Baltimore and the fact that Elijah Cummings, who has spent the last 23+ years representing a district suffering with the major part of those conditions, President Trump is a racist.

In other words, Democrats, and their media accomplices, are calling President Trump a racist for criticizing a Black congressperson’s inaction on behalf of the primarily Black “third world country” (thank you, Bernie) he is supposed to represent.

That is insane.

But media will continue to do it anyway – as demonstrated by the latest Associated Press article, written by Marc Levy and Scott Bauer, titled “Suburban women recoil as Trump dives into racial politics”.

The Associated Press used to be a source of straight news, rather than an echo of Democrat talking points?  Not any more.

Let me again point out that President Trump did not mention race in his assessment of what a large part of Baltimore has become, he attacked Elijah Cummings for doing nothing about it.

If that generates accusations of being a racist, then I guess I should be accused too.  Because I agree with Mr. Trump – and Bernie Sanders and Catherine Pugh and the New York Times – about the conditions in large parts of Baltimore, and I agree that, in almost a quarter century of “representation” Elijah Cummings has done nothing to make things better there.

Let me end by telling you what my definition of a racist is.  It is someone who sees the ugly conditions in a primarily Black congressional district, but won’t call out the congressperson responsible for that district because he is Black.  THAT is racist.

Tell me:  if the congressperson representing that part of Baltimore were White, would Democrats or their media accomplices have any problem at all calling the congressperson out?  Even for one second?

Answer that question, and understand how completely the term “racism” has been contorted for political purposes.

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  • Once they get rid of you and other right of center websites or other sites that won’t tow the party line, the left will have control over 95% of all information. Only FOX News and talk radio [which is pretty much dead due to the internet] will be left.
    I commented some time ago that the media should just make things up. Looks like they took my advice.

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