Did you know that farmer’s markets are racist entities? “White spaces”?

I’ll bet you didn’t know that.  I sure didn’t.  I’ve never known any farmer’s market I’ve patronized to favor or exclude customers based on their race.

But two San Diego State professors, apparently, have data that put my lifetime of experience to shame.

Excerpted from Toni Airaksinen’s non-satirical (I swear) article at campusreform.org:

Two San Diego State University (SDSU) professors recently criticized farmers’ markets for being “white spaces” that contribute to the oppression of minorities.

Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J Bosco, two geography professors at SDSU, criticized the “whiteness of farmers’ markets” in a chapter for Just Green Enough, a new anthology published by Routledge in December.

The anthology, which features contributions from a variety of professors, aims to highlight the harms of “environmental gentrification,” a process in which “environmental improvements lead to…the displacement of long-term residents.”

Farmers’ markets are one such environmental improvement that can lead to gentrification, Bosco and Joassart-Marcelli argue, saying farmers’ markets are “exclusionary” since locals may not be able to “afford the food and/or feel excluded from these new spaces.”

This social exclusion is reinforced by the “whiteness of farmers’ markets” and the “white habitus” that they can reinforce, the professors elaborate, describing farmers’ markets as “white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized.”

Citing research they conducted in San Diego, however, Bosco and Joassart-Marcelli claim that 44 percent of the city’s farmers’ markets are located in census tracts with a high rate of gentrification, leading them to conclude that farmers’ markets “attract households from higher socio-economic backgrounds, raising property values and displacing low-income residents and people of color.”

Can someone please tell me what the eff these two race-obsessed idiots are talking about?

Let’s see:  Some people can and can’t afford what farmer’s markets sell.   And some of them – less than half, by bosco and joassart-marcelli’s own admission – are in “gentrified” areas (i.e. areas where the socio-economic profile is rising rather than falling.

This, evidently, is their worst nightmare.

A few questions for the twin twits:

-Are you actually trying to convince people that a market which sells fruits and vegetables is some upper-echelon venue, too elevated for residents of the immediate area to patronize?

-If carrots are (gasp!!!) 25 cents more a bunch than in the Safeway – assuming they are any more expensive at all, that is – will it truly break the bank of enough people to demand that the market be shut down?

-Since since there is no doubt that, other than possibly the Good-Will, every store in every area carries goods some people can and cannot afford, should all stores close down?

-And if it is racist for White people of  more than minimal means to move into a primarily Black area, is it OK if poor, indigent White people do?

Y’know, now that I think of it, maybe those aren’t the right questions to ask.

Maybe the right question to ask is why the taxpayers of California (a dwindling segment of the population, but there are still quite a few of them) should pay the salaries of these two purveyors of racial idiocy?

Personally, I can’t think of even one good reason.

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