Paul Mirengoff, in his latest commentary at powerlineblog.com, has given us a must-read analysis of the apparent fact that sexual assaults on college campuses are disproportionately committed by Black males….and the objective fact that this goes virtually unreported by the campuses themselves, let alone most media.

Mr. Mirengoff has what I think is an excellent analysis of why this reality is being ignored – by the same college campuses which obsess on race in just about every other area:

Why is race not being tracked? To me, it’s a clear case of not wanting to know.

It’s easy to understand why ignorance is bliss. If blacks are found to be overrepresented among those accused of sexual assault on campus, there are only two possible explanations (which are not mutually exclusive). One explanation is that black students are committing a disproportionate number of sexual assaults. The other is that blacks are disproportionately being accused of sexual assaults they did not commit.

Neither explanation is acceptable to the left. The first tarnishes black males.

The second gives credence to the view that false accusations of assault are a serious problem on college campuses. 

Earlier this week I blogged about Portland, Oregon’s police no longer identifying gang members because a large majority of them are Black – a classic case of suppressing uncomfortable facts because they would require thinking outside the PC construct.  It seems to me that the lack of tracking data on campus sexual assaults falls into exactly the same category.

Facts are what they are.  Suppressing them does not change them.  What is does do is prevent the relevant authorities from dealing with them.  It results in leaving the factual conditions in place.

Why would such suppression take place?

In this regard, it would be worthwhile remembering that the cities of Seattle and Portland, along with most college campuses, are dominated by the left.  And the left’s narrative goes well beyond demanding racial equality – something we all should be supporting.

It goes to excusing any and all negative behavior by Black people, while blaming White people for that behavior.

It goes to calling all White people racist – not because of anything any individual White person has done, but because White skin color makes racism inherent.

In other words, if Black males commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime – which they do – it is not because there is a problem in Black communities that has to be addressed, it is because White people are White.  The complete absolution of violent Black males coupled with the complete responsibility of all White people.

There are a lot of things dividing our country today. Some are more significant than others.  Personally, I put this kind of lunatic-asylum “thinking” about race at the top of the list.

How about you?


  • kudos to mr. berwitz and mr. mirengoff for exposing this latest pc culture nonsense. looking back over the past 10 +/- yrs., obama, holder, de blasio, sharpton et al. certainly contributed to the unravelling of race relations w/ their aspersions and charges of sistemic racism. this then led to criminal action against our police (including the murder of both white and non-white officers), and the coddling of blm activists, antifa goons, and other assorted crazies acting solo. this hateful activity was assisted by liberal universities and the msm who emboldened ultra-progessive politicians (w/ huge guilt issues) to pass mindless legislation for their idea of racial justice. lately it seems that this movement is increasingly manifest on the left coast where these foolish politicians are supported by a lib electorate whose aim is to cover-up facts. shame on them all !!!

  • Fordham University has launched an investigation into its Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator Christopher Rodgers after several RAs reportedly left a sexual assault training in tears

    Jared Sichel told The College Fix via email that “given the current climate on so many campuses, we’re not shocked that a calm, rational video, based entirely on logic and statistics caused a number of RAs to break down into tears


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