First the statement:

“These people are coming in violently, unrespectfully, not as good law-abiding citizen and that is what hurt us …It’s not all of them but yes a lot of them are not really nice people who want to work, who want to integrate into our economy, they are just troublemakers.”

“A lot of them are not really nice people, they’re troublemakers.”

Now the quiz. Who said what you just read?

Think it over.  Take another minute or so to be sure.

OK.  Got your answer?

Be honest. Did you think it was Donald Trump? Isn’t that almost exactly what he has said in the past, and received nothing but condemnation from mainstream media for doing so?

Well, if that’s who you guessed, you are wrong.

The person who said those words is Juan Manuel Gastélum.

And who is Juan Manuel Gastélum?

Why, he is the Mayor of Tijuana, Mexico. You know, where the members of that “caravan” media no longer seem interested in reporting about have congregated, while trying to get into the United States.

And the people he is talking about, including the violent, unrespectful troublemakers, are who we would be dealing with if they were to cross the border.

I guess illegal immigration takes on a very different characteristic when illegals do not simply pass through on their way somewhere else, but it is your city and your country that they stay in.

There is a lesson in here for anyone who wants to learn it. Too bad so many of the people who need this lesson will fight it tooth and nail.

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