As I have listened to President Trump over the past several years – especially when he extemporizes to stadiums filled with people who come to hear him, at least in part, because he does extemporize rather than reading some pre-written, focus group-tested mung his staff put together…

…it has occurred to me that there should be a name for his speaking style, with its heavy reliance on the speech patterns I remember from our growing up at the same time, just a few miles apart from each other (physically, that is – economically we weren’t in the same galaxy).

I think I’ll call it Queensbonics.

Queensbonics combines generic speaking patterns with street slang and sarcasms indigenous to the boroughs of New York. (Yes, that means it might also be called Brooklynbonics, or Bronxbonics…but he and I came from Queens, so that’s what it is going to be.)

I will be referring to Mr. Trump’s Queensbonics a lot in the coming months, because he uses it all the time.   And, for you non-New York folks, I’ll try to explain when Queensbonics occurs and what I think his state of mind is while using it.

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