Here’s an amazing story about Iran – one that is so absurd that…well, that Iran, under its current “leadership”, is one of the only places it might emanate from.

Excerpted from David Horovitz’s article for the Times Of Israel:

Ahead of its annual al-Quds Day orgy of Israel-bashing on Friday, Iran’s parliament has unanimously passed legislation banning “any cooperation” with Israel — specifically including the use of Israeli computer hardware and software — as a crime against God.

Under the legislation passed Monday, any cooperation with “the Zionist regime” is henceforth to be considered “equal to enmity towards God and corruption on earth,” according to the semi-state news site Fars. “All Iranian bodies are required to use the country’s regional and international capacities to confront the Zionist regime’s measures,” it reported, and, specifically, “activities of the Israeli software platforms in Iran and using its hardware and software products is forbidden.”

Because, given the centrality of Israeli innovation and technology to so many aspects of modern life, the new anti-Israel legislation, if implemented as required by the Iranian parliament, will set Iran back decades, raise Iranian public disaffection with the repressive ayatollahs to new heights, and likely spell the demise of the brutal, rapacious and cynical regime.

For a start, if the solemnly enacted legislation of the Majlis is to be regarded as anything other than hot air, Iran must now shut down all of its computers. They all feature Intel chips and/or technologies designed and/or developed in Israel.

Of course, Iran will henceforth have rather less need for computers anyway, since its new legislation means it will also have to stop using the internet. That’s because routers produced by Cisco Systems are a core component of the internet’s backbone — transferring information between computer networks at dizzying speeds — and Cisco Israel is central to the US multinational’s ongoing router development

Yeah, right.  Iran isn’t going to use Israeli computer technology.  Very credible, I’m sure – if you happen to be a mindless fanatic who believes everything from Tehran no matter how idiotic it is.

The only thing Iran’s lunatic “government” has accomplished with this edict is to show the world, again, as if anyone didn’t know already, that it hates Israel so much it will voluntarily regress to the informational stone age.

Do you really think this bunch is going to make good on its “threat” to discard Israeli technology (I put the word “threat” in quotation marks since, in reality, it would threaten no one but Iranians)?  To run its businesses without computers?  It’s military?

Uh…..don’t bet on in it.

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