Here is the latest news regarding Michael Bloomberg’s intention to purchase the presidency of the United States.

From Rebecca Klar’s article at thehill.com:

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s campaign is set to move to a new location in Times Square as the campaign swells to more than 300 staffers.

The former New York City mayor’s campaign headquarters are moving to the old New York Times building on West 43rd Street, a campaign spokesperson confirmed to The Hill on Monday. 

Michael Bloomberg is not accepting donations to his campaign.

This can be looked at as altruistic;

This can be looked at as a way of not being embarrassed by the fact that he probably would not have gotten enough individual donations to qualify for a place on the Democrat debate stage;

And this can be looked at as a way of not having to debate the other contenders, thus keeping his campaign entirely as him spending huge amounts of money to saturate the air waves in a way no one else can come close to (the last estimate I saw was $120 million so far – and that was weeks ago, so it’s probably a lot more now).

Personally I assume it’s the third of those possibilities.

I’ll say this for Bloomberg:  while the result of this insane spending spree has moved him to about 5% – obviously nowhere near where he has to be – at least he’s doing better than Tom Steyer, the other billionaire who is trying to buy the election.  Steyer is mired in the 1-3% range.

I’ll be watching Mr. Bloomberg’s “progress” as the the days and weeks pass – both to see how much more money he is going to spend and what, if anything it gets him.

One other thing:  so far, other presidential hopefuls have ignored Bloomberg:  why shouldn’t they, he’s nowhere.

But if the spending of all this money starts actually moving him toward the top tier, you can bet they’ll be attacking him for exactly what I’m talking about in this blog.

Should be fascinating.



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