This pretty much speaks for itself.

From Nicholas Fondacaro’s article at

The tables appeared to turn on Tuesday when news broke that the infamous whistleblower behind impeachment was the subject of a different whistleblower complaint. The new complaint suggested the original whistleblower was soliciting and receiving illicit funds via the GoFundMe page set up to pay for legal fees. As would be expected, the same broadcast networks which gave President Trump 96 percent negative coverage, refused to touch the latest revelations about the whistleblower.

While the flagship evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC hyped the start of televised impeachment hearings, Fox News Channel’s Special Report dared to cover the possible illicit activity of the whistleblower.

A “whistleblower” emerges with supposedly damning information about President Trump – damning enough for the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives to initiate an “impeachment inquiry”.

When it turns out all the “whistleblower” has is second hand information he heard from someone else?

No problem, he’s still the “whistleblower”.

When the name of the “whistleblower” becomes known – it’s Eric Ciaramella – and it turns out he’s not a “whistleblower” at all, but a Democrat operative who has worked directly with Joe Biden, among other Democrats?

No problem, he’s still the “whistleblower” – we won’t mention his name.

And now that it it turns out the “whistleblower” is using this faurce to make almost a quarter of a million dollars – illegally – on

No problem, he’s still the “whistleblower”.

And this “journalists wonder why they have lost so much credibility?  Why fewer and fewer people trust them?

Holy excrement.

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