Poor Hunter Biden.

This man is unemployed, running up debt, has to pay up on his divorce settlement, they expect him to support the child he had out of wedlock with a stripper…

…and now they (gasp!) expect him to provide his financials so they can see if he’s got the money to do so?

This is SO unfair!

From Ben Feuerherd’s Page Six article for the New York Post:

Hunter Biden is hoping to keep his financial situation under wraps as he responds to legal claims that he’s cheated an ex-stripper out of support and health care costs for their baby, a report said.

Biden filed a request to seal all financial records in the paternity case in Arkansas this week, the Daily Mail reported.

Biden’s lawyers argue that media organizations have been covering the case, and that the likelihood his personal financial records could “be used in an inappropriate or malicious manner for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with these proceedings is exceedingly high and should not be tolerated by the court,” according to the records obtained by the Mail.

The filing also notes that Biden, a resident of California, has been unemployed since May 2019 and has significant debts since his divorce in 2017.

Hunter Biden made millions from his stench-ridden gig on the Board of Directors of Burisma – the Ukraine energy company that was going to be investigated…until daddy “Quid Pro Quo Joe” Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid unless the prosecutor was summarily fired.  Hunter Biden also stands to make a major fortune from his company’s equally stench-ridden billion dollar-plus deal with China.

So what is he doing now?  Crying about his financial straits…while withholding the financials?

What are you afraid of, Hunter?  That your new child might get some benefit from your wealth?  That you’ll have less money to hit other strip clubs and impregnate other strippers?

Look, I certainly can understand why Hunter Biden wouldn’t want any part of his dissolute life made public.

But why does he have to worry about his financials being publicized?

-Have mainstream media not worked triple-overtime to look the other way and keep him off their news and opinion pages?

-Have the networks not done the same?

Can you, in your wildest dreams, imagine that if this were, say, Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump, these same media would be in similarly full-court protection mode?

Let’s talk honestly here.  Hunter Biden is a neer-do-well kid who has spent his life using his father’s power and influence to get whatever he has accumulated.

That obviously speaks little of Hunter Biden.  But it is hardly surprising that a father would willingly help out a less-than-stellar family members.  And, though distasteful, that’s perfectly OK…..until and unless it involves withholding taxpayer funding to a country, that is.  Then it is a…get ready…

A QUID PRO QUO.  A threat to withhold something of great value from a foreign government in return for an action that benefits his family personally.

Say, isn’t that what schiff, Nadler and their Democrat cohorts are claiming about Donald Trump?

Except there is one huge difference:  with Trump, it is an unfounded accusation.  With Biden it is a demonstrable fact, complete with a video of Biden bragging about doing so.

Well, at least media are treating them the same wa…..oh, wait.

And these people call themselves real journalists?

Yeah, right.  And Rudolph is Santa Claus’s lead unicorn.

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