Chicago is heading toward a banner year…for fatal and non-fatal shootings.

How can that be, given Chicago’s status as, arguably, the single most stringent major city in the United States when it comes to gun control?

The answer, of course – as we have discussed countless times in this  blog – is that gun control and gun crime are TWO DIFFERENT ISSUES.

Virtually none of the gun crimes in Chicago or any other major city, are being committed with legally obtained weapons.  And common sense tells us that gun control laws cannot prevent gun crime committed by people who ignore those laws.

But, then again, how many politicians place common sense at the top of the list when it comes to their behavior?

Excerpted from John Kass’s dispiriting article in today’s Chicago Tribune:

The dead multiply in Chicago, the fruit of the gang wars ripening in August.

With at least 78 killed so far, August is the deadliest month in nearly 20 years, according to a Tribune analysis. It’s all but certain that the city’s homicide total will push beyond the 491 dead of last year.

And people in those Chicago neighborhoods that have become killing fields look with dread toward the Labor Day weekend. So do City Hall and the police.

Some call it “gun violence,” a definition greatly appreciated by Democratic politicians like those at City Hall. They can point to guns and take that voter anger over homicide numbers and channel it into a safe space.

But there are plenty of guns in the suburbs, and suburbanites aren’t slaughtering each other.

It’s the gang wars.

Politicians know that the gangs are reason for the deaths. Calling it “gun violence” is much safer, especially in wards where gangs often provide political muscle.

“Have you ever heard a Chicago alderman call out a street gang by name?” O’Connor asked. “No? Me neither.”

Simple fact:  until Chicago deals seriously with the gangs that have, in a very real sense, taken over entire minority neighborhoods of Chicago, “gun violence” is going to continue unabated.

And “seriously” means intense police involvement, judges who don’t provide revolving doors for gang bangers, and NO BS EXCUSES FROM POLITICIANS…….which means that it’s a good bet this won’t be happening any time soon.

In other words, the innocent people in Chicago, vastly among minority populations, will continue to pay the price.

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