President Trump has proposed amnesty of a sort to about 1.8 million illegal aliens.

That’s right.  President Trump has bucked conservative members of his own party and done this.

What are the particulars?  According to an article at

The blueprint sets out a 10-12-year path to citizenship for 1.8 million people.

This includes some 700,000 so-called Dreamers, immigrants who illegally entered the US as children and were protected from deportation under an Obama-era programme, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca).

The other 1.1 million would be immigrants who did not apply for Daca but are eligible for the scheme.

The White House framework also seeks to end two other initiatives often criticised by President Donald Trump.

It proposes to curtail so-called chain migration, permitting US residents only to get visas for their spouse and children, not for extended family members.

The White House also wants to scrap the diversity visa lottery, under which 50,000 people from around the world every year win Green Cards at random.

My take on this?  Good.  Excellent.

I have no problem with people who were brought here as children, know no other country, and have been allowed to live here this long, being given a path to eventual citizenship.

I think of these young people’s situation the same way I think of “squatter’s rights” – i.e., we have allowed them to stay so long that the blame/the responsibility falls on both sides.

I fully agree it should not simply be handed to people who are not here legally; they have to meet additional criteria.  And I fully agree that “chain migration” and a green card lottery should never have been allowed and should be summarily ended.

Now:  how do you think Democrats feel about this offer?  Do you think for even one second they would congratulate Mr. Trump on his evolving position?  Celebrate a “win”, albeit one they would have to share with him?

More from the article:

“Dreamers should not be held hostage to President Trump’s crusade to tear families apart and waste billions of American tax dollars on an ineffective wall,” Senate Democratic whip Dick Durbin said in a statement.

This is what they’re calling a compromise? This proposal is a compromise between the far right and the alt-right.   Consider it Dead On Arrival:  Sen. Robert Menendez

United We Dream, a young immigrants’ organisation, called the White House plan “a white supremacist ransom note”.

If I were a Republican strategist, I would be in heaven.

Here is the President demonstrating he is flexible and humanitarian on this issue by offering amnesty to almost 2,000,000 illegals….and Democrats, along with the illegal alien left, are showing their “appreciation” by spitting in his face.

In other words, they hate him when he offers nothing for illegals, and they hate him when he offers a path to legality for almost 2,000,000 of them.

Who do you think comes out looking reasonable here?  And who do you think comes out looking like a bunch of angry losers who, though they have no legal rights at all, make demands upon more demands and appreciate nothing?

Which side of this would you prefer taking into the 2018 midterm elections?


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