How do you lie while telling the truth?

Here’s how, via excerpts from Brent D. Griffiths’ article for politico.com, about Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family (7 people in all) being seated at the Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, then told to get out because she works for the Trump administration.

Let’s start with the headine:

Sanders says she was kicked out of restaurant because she works for Trump

What does this tell you?  It specifically says this is not known to be a fact, it is nothing more than Ms. Sanders’ account of what happened.

That is the first lie…as will be seen further on.

Then we have the article’s first sentence/paragraph:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed Saturday that she was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant on Friday evening simply because she works for President Donald Trump.

This not only confirms the headline’s contention that it is nothing more than Ms. Sanders’ side of things, but suggests she was not with anyone else, thus no one besides herself was affected.  Another lie.

Third paragraph:

Though the particulars of the incident could not be immediately confirmed, the tweet qualified as an uncommonly specific attack from an official White House account on a private business.

Wow.  Not only is Sanders making an unsupported claim, but she’s going out of her way to defame a private business.  What a pig.

But wait.  Now we have this, buried past everything you just read:

Stephanie Wilkinson, the co-owner of the Red Hen, told the Washington Post that the decision to ask Sanders to leave came after conversations with her staff. Wilkinson said some of her staff members are openly gay and were aghast at the Trump’s administration’s push to ban transgender service members along with the fact that she believes Sanders works for a “inhumane and unethical” administration.

“I would have done the same thing again,” Wilkinson said. “We just felt there are moments in time when people need to live their convictions. This appeared to be one.”

Wilkinson added that she only asked Sanders to leave, but that her husband, Bryan, whose name the reservation was made under, and the rest of the party followed her out.

Wait a minute.  Haven’t we been told, repeatedly, that this was nothing more than Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ side of the story?

But…but….the same article, then says, after this has been established, that the owner of the restaurant specifically acknowledges she was told to leave.

In other words, this is not just Ms. Sanders’ side of the story, it is a fact.

And readers who got no further than the headline and/or the first few paragraphs – which would be a large percentage of them – are going to walk away with the exact wrong understanding of what happened.

Further, the idea that she alone was asked to leave, while true in the narrowest technical sense, is utter BS.

If you go to a restaurant with your husband, children and others – total of 7 people and you, alone, are told to take a hike, is there any possibility at all that the other six are going to wave goodbye and order?  You’d need an IQ below 37 to believe that.

Telling her to leave was telling them to leave.

That, folks, is how you lie by telling the truth.  I don’t think Brent D. Griffiths is very good at it.  But he certainly gave it a try.  And he is far from the only one who does so.

Then they wonder why fewer and fewer people trust them?  Holy you-know-what.

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