Why does Philadelphia receive federal funding?

Read these excerpts from Jazz Shaw’s article at and see if you wind up asking the same question:

Philadelphia is the home of the Liberty Bell, and the symbolism of that icon now apparently includes the liberty to break the law with impunity, as well as the support of the local clergy and City Hall.

When incoming Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney took over City Hall from the more appropriately named Michael Nutter this year, he got to work quickly. One of his first actions was to firmly establish (or perhaps reestablish) the status of the City of Brotherly Love as a “sanctuary city” where city law enforcement would be forbidden from working with ICE to facilitate the deportation of illegal aliens. (

The fact that this (can happen) with the blessing of City Hall shows that Philadelphia is now right up there with San Francisco in terms of lawlessness and a disregard for the safety of the legal residents and citizens of the city. And much like their soul sisters on the west coast, Congress should move to shut down any and all federal funding to Philadelphia until they are willing to comply with the law and uphold their duty to protect the people living there.

I fully agree.

The floor is open, for anyone at all to explain to me why Philadelphia, which specifically decides which federal laws it will and will not abide by, should receive one red cent in federal funding.

I would also be happy to receive anyone’s explanation of why Philadelphia, or any other so-called “sanctuary city” should have any standing in a federal court regarding any ruling that relates to federal law.

I’ll wait for an explanation.  And I expect it will be an endless one.

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