Here, from yesterday’s Hannity show, is what bestselling author and political commentator, Peter Schweizer had to say about the emails uncovered and being reported on by the New York Post:

“[W]hat those emails show, the 26,000 show, we’re working our way through them, is a wide net of using the Biden name, using access to the White House, serving — Hunter serving as the pipeline to the administration as means to help their clients and gain clients. The names that come up in this are the Chinese, the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Kazakhs. It’s a veritable United Nations of corruption. And what it demonstrates is that Joe Biden, as vice president of the United States, was a center point. It was almost the planet around which these business activities moved.”

If Mr. Schweizer is correct – and, let’s always remember that we still do not know for sure that the information he is basing his observation on is the real deal – then his description of Joe Biden as the center point of these activities, is dead-on accurate.

If our mainstream media were neutral, every major venue in the country would be working triple-overtime to determine whether these emails are authentic, and aggressively demanding answers from the people they incriminate.

Is that what they are doing?  Or are their efforts more to discredit the information without trying to determine its validity?

Let’s allow their behavior going forward to give us the answer.  Let’s see if, and how, they go after Joe Biden to get the answers this country deserves in the month before he might be elected President of the United States.

But so far – based on the last couple of days – I have to say my fear is that most of this bunch are determined to go the discredit-without-investigation route.

It would be hard to overstate how much I hope I am wrong about this.

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  • Our crack [smoking] FBI is on the job.
    Chris Wray’s FBI Is Investigating Whether Hunter Biden Emails are “Russian Disinformation Operation”

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