Baltimore is “Duh Democrat” voting and racial politics to its logical conclusion.  In other words, a hopeless hellhole that used to be a viable city.

Paul Mirengoff, writing for, has written a superb commentary on how impossibly bad things are in Baltimore and why there is no realistic hope that they will get any better any time soon.

Here are a few excerpts – but you would cheat yourself terribly if you didn’t use the link I’ve provided and read every word:

How do crooks keep gaining high office in Baltimore? I believe they do it at least in part through their demagoguery on race. Baltimore voters are suckers for this, and they are not alone (think of Marion Barry’s success in D.C.). Their next mayor, Brandon Scott, fits the tradition.

One consequence is Baltimore’s rapid deterioration — soaring violent crime, garbage piled up in neighborhoods, etc. Crooked demagogues aren’t just indifferent to these problems, they contribute to them through statements and policies that cause police officers to quit the force in droves and by blaming “racial injustice” for the failure to pick up garbage.

Ultimately, Baltimore voters are responsible for the crooked demagogues they elect and the attendant deterioration of their city.

Until Baltimore voters stop electing corrupt hacks and race hustlers to public office, the city has no chance of getting back on its feet. And there is very little chance that Baltimore voters will change their voting pattern anytime soon.

I have no doubt there are people who will call Paul Mirengoff a racist and a White supremacist for writing this.  Racism/White supremacism is the current one-size-fits-all panacea these days that is supposed to take down anyone who dares to blame Baltimore for Baltimore.  It doesn’t.

To anyone obtuse enough to buy such BS (and I have no doubt there are quite a few), my advice would be to wake up and see what’s in front of your eyes.

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