At another time in our, er, “progress”, this might have shocked and sickened you.  But in today’s academic climate I have a feeling it will just sicken you, because this kind of stuff is no longer shocking at all.

From Bradley Zent, Alex Chan and Priscella Vega’s article in the Los Angeles Times:

The Orange Coast College student who secretly video-recorded his human-sexuality professor’s classroom comments calling President Trump’s election victory “an act of terrorism” is being suspended for violating campus policy, though he has appealed the decision.

In a Feb. 9 letter, Victoria Lugo, interim dean of students at the Costa Mesa college, informed Caleb O’Neil of the suspension for one “primary (fall/spring) semester in addition to the summer” and other disciplinary actions against him, including that he submit a written apology to the professor, Olga Perez Stable Cox, and a three-page essay asking him to examine why he filmed Cox’s class, how he feels about his footage going viral online and his reaction to its causing “damage to Orange Coast College students, faculty and staff.”

OCC spokesman Juan Gutierrez declined to comment Wednesday on whether Cox is facing any disciplinary action over her comments.

To summarize:  a human-sexuality professor (as opposed to what other species?) goes on a political rant…

….let’s stop right there.  This is not a political science class.  There is no social studies or civics curriculum attached to human sexuality.  Why is this professor talking about politics at all?  If I were heading the college where he/she was employed, I would advise him/her to stick to what the course is supposed to teach, not to go on a rant about his/her political opinions, to a captive audience whose reaction might affect students’ grades.

Anyway, a human-sexuality professor goes on a political rant about how an election victory is “an act of terrorism”.

I don’t care what your politics are or who you voted for:  is a legal election, regardless of its outcome, an act of terrorism?  Of course not.

Therefore, professor olga perez stable-cox is exploiting her power over a class of students, to inform them that there are two results in an election:  the one she wants and “an act of terrorism”.  And, not content with just that, the article goes on to tell us that she called President Trump a “White supremacist” and who knows what else as well.

Now, one of the students, who is unhappy with getting a political diatribe instead of instruction on the course he signed up for, takes a video of the rant, and the school catches wind of it.

So what happens?

-To the student?   A suspension, and a demand that he apologize – for providing proof that the professor was not performing her duties, on the grounds that videos are not supposed to be taken without the professor’s permission – a non-starter, given that it is obvious he never would have gotten it.

-To the professor?  “OCC spokesman Juan Gutierrez declined to comment Wednesday on whether Cox is facing any disciplinary action over her comments.”  In other words, the student is immediately nailed.  The offending professor is………………………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

How I wish this were shocking.  Or even mildly surprising.  But we know better,  don’t we.

To the folks who pay tuition at this indoctrination center er, institute of higher learning:  I hope you’re happy with what your money is buying.   Because if you aren’t, it seems evident no one there is going to do a thing about it.

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