Ken Berwitz

…here are the first two paragraphs of Julie Eilperin and Michelle Boorstein\’s article in the August 25th Washington Post:

Several environmentalgroups are planning a major climate rally that will draw hundreds ofthousands to the National Mall on Sept. 24, the day Pope Francis speaks toCongress and is expected to address the public afterwards…

The permit for thegathering – which will make the moral case for reducing greenhouse gasemissions linked to global warming – is for 200,000 people. The MoralAction on Climate Network, along with the Earth Day Network, League ofConservation Voters, Sierra Club and other groups, have timed the rally on theMall  the same day of the pope\’s speech.  House Speaker John Boehner(R-Ohio) has said the pope “has expressed an interest” in making an appearanceon the Capitol\’s West Front.

…and here is a picture of the actual rally – the entire crowd:


That, folks, is not a couple of hundred thousand.  That is a couple of hundred thousand.

I guess there must have been a major article pointing out that they held a “couple of hundred thousand” event and virtually no one came, right?

No?  Well, a medium size article, right? They must have done that.

No?  Well, what the %&#$^ did they publish?

Here is the first paragraph of the article, written by Hamil R. Harris (maybe Julie and Michelle were hiding at the time)  Please note that it is one quarter of the entire article, which encompasses a munificent (yes, I\’m being sarcastic) 237 words:

Following Pope Francis\’s address to Congress Thursday, thepope stood on the balcony of the U.S. Capitol and appeared to the crowd thatflowed down to the Mall, where an environmental rally had drawn a diverse groupof activists, singers and religious leaders.

Please also note that its “diverse group” end-around is the article\’s one and only reference to the size of the crowd.  

Now, why do you suppose?

And while you\’re supposing, what kind of article do you figure the Post would have published if a major event involving a major issue of the right died this complete a death?

Think about it.

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