One day more, to as farcical an event as you will find in modern politics: the senate trial of President Trump…

…based on two articles of impeachment that mention neither any specific crime, nor anything else in the constitution’s explanation of why/when impeachment should take place.

Tomorrow, the United States senate will start what, it appears, will be a protracted waste of time, which – as everyone who knows how many Republicans are in the senate and can count to 67 knows already – can only result in an acquittal.

But, in the immortal words of Jackie Gleason, “Away we go”.

I wonder how Democrat candidates Elizabeth Warren  Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bennet) – all U.S. Senators – will feel about being locked to their seats in the senate chamber throughout this farce of a “trial” – while Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg and Pete Buttigieg are out there campaigning to their hearts’ content.

And how will their supporters feel?  Especially Bernie Sanders supporters who (with full justification) already believe the Democrat establishment screwed them in 2016 on behalf of Hillary Clinton, and now may perceive they are living through a repeat-performance screwing in 2020 on behalf, most likely, of Joe Biden?

How eager do you figure it will make them to campaign if Biden winds up the nominee?  Donate?  Organize?  Get out and vote in November?

With the above in mind, I also wonder if the Democrats who have pushed this farce are starting to realize that its implications may be far more negative for the eventual Democrat candidate than for Donald Trump.

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  • Well Sir we can only hope enough actual American Democrats will think above their colons to salvage the legitimate party and separate from the radicals. The radicals have played their scam for three years now. Even elementary school students should be able to see their nation being disgraced and marginalized by professional hypocrites or hypo-crats which ever is most obvious. Otherwise the talking heads and radicals will continue scheming until November 2020 and probably 2024!

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