Shame on the media.  Shame on the political opponents. According to the statement issued by her lawyer, Jaime Driggs,If it weren’t for them, ilhan omar and her husband (the current one) would either be happily married or far more able to deal with their problems.

From his statement:

“As with all marriages, this is intensely personal and a difficult time for their family. For years, Ilhan and Ahmed have been the object of speculation and innuendo from political opponents and the media.”

Does that come across as a little odd, given that ilhan omar apparently has taken up with Tim Mynett, one of her campaign consultants – whom her campaign has paid a great deal of money for his, er, services…thus causing Mr. Mynett’s wife, the mother of their child, to file for divorce?

Would it be fair to speculate that omar’s relationship with Mynett might have had a bit more to do with her marital problems than media or her political opponents?

All we need now is for ilhan omar’s brother to come forward and explain exactly what their marital relationship was years ago and whether they illegally filed joint returns as husband and wife.

Well, at least it gives her something to do besides trash the United States and Israel…

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