Young Democrat House members are being shut out again.  Relegated to the sidelines.

Their leadership will apparently be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi – aged 78 and clearly diminished in her mental acuity, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer,(79 years old) and Majority Whip James Clyburn (78).

But that isn’t enough.  When three of Ms. Pelosi’s critics met with her and tried to convince her to take the job, but set up a transitional schedule so that it would pass to the next generation, she essentially told them to go to their rooms until they learned to behave.

Excerpted from Rachel Bade, John Bresnahan and Heather Caygle’s article at politico.com:

Pelosi shuts down critics in tense meeting

The Democratic leader refused to offer a timeline for stepping down, loath to turn herself into a lame duck speaker.

A trio of her fiercest Democratic critics — lawmakers trying to bar her from reclaiming the speaker’s gavel — were trying to pin her down on exactly when she planned to relinquish power.

But Pelosi, huddled in her office in the second floor of the Capitol Wednesday afternoon, wouldn’t answer them. Instead, the California Democrat launched into a lengthy monologue about how successful she’d been throughout her career and how 2020 is a presidential year, so voters wouldn’t care who the speaker was next election.

“They went in hoping to begin some type of conversation about a transition to leadership and it never even left the ground,” said one source familiar with the conversation.

Pelosi and her three biggest critics are talking past each other — and it appears unlikely that they can bridge that divide.

In case you’re wondering, Rep. Kathleen Rice is 53 years old – young enough to be Ms. Pelosi’s child.  Ditto for 45 year old Tim Ryan.  And Rep. Seth Moulton, at 40, is closer to being her grandchild.

The last time Nancy Pelosi held the position of Speaker, Democrats went from being the majority party in the House, Senate, Governorships and Statehouses, lost every one of those majorities…and, then, the presidency too.

Can Democrats think that now, with the same political “acumen”, but increasingly stumbling over words and freezing in mid-thought, she is going to do better for them?

I would expect that Ms. Rice, Mr. Moulton and Mr. Ryan, along with a good many of their counterparts, would be more than a little unhappy – and apprehensive – about this.  But it doesn’t matter, because that’s what they’re going to live with, at least for the time being.

Lots of luck, guys.

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  • If (Lord Forbid) the Dems win the House again in 2020, then Ms.Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, will be THIRD in line to be President ! ! ! !
    Can you imagine her negotiating with foreign powers ? Domestic opposition?

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