Ken Berwitz

If things look like they are changing on this blog, that is because I\’m experimenting with different fonts and different ways of indicating when something has been taken from another source.

I have been using Verdana 10 for a while, but I think Times New Roman 12 might be better.  And instead of putting quotes in rust, then in a sort of light mauve, I have, in the past couple of blogs, kept the type black and shaded them this way.
I think Times New Roman 12 and the shading is what I\’ll do from now on.

UPDATE:  Nah, this shading is too drab.  I don\’t want it to jump out and overtake the verbiage, but it\’s got to be more lively.  Maybe this will be better   Or maybe this.  Or maybe this.  Or maybe this.  Or maybe this.  I\’m still deciding.

LAST UPDATE:  OK, the Verdana 10 font stays.  But instead of putting quotes in rust, or light mauve, I\’ve settled on this.  And that\’s what will stay…..at least for the time being.

ONE MORE LAST UPDATE:  Nah, the green is too dark.  Final choice reverts back to this.\’

ABSOLUTE FINAL DECISION.  I hate the background shading.  Back to what I\’ve always been using.  And this, I swear, is my final decision.

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