“If you have a problem figuring out whether you are for me or Trump, then you aint Black”.

 Is that obnoxious enough for you? Pandering enough for you? Condescending enough for you, right down to use of the word “ain’t” when talking to a Black man?

Please be advised that the above quote was voiced by Joe Biden this morning to a Black host on The Breakfast Club radio show.

I won’t make any conclusions about this.  You should be able to make them without any help from me.


UPDATE:  This classic exercise in obnoxious, pandering condescension is blowing up all over the internet.  And from some pretty significant entertainment and sports icons are among the most offended….as they should be.

But let’s be honest:  this is Joe Biden.  It is not the first time he has pandered to an ethnic group.  And, given his long-time affinity for the identity-politics technique, it is hard to believe it will be his last.

His people can claim it was nothing but a joke all they want but nobody is going to believe them – especially when the claim comes from Biden’s Senior Adviser, Symone Sanders, an overt racist who has said, among other things:

 “White people do not get to tell Black folks or anybody else what is acceptable form of protest!”

“In my opinion we don’t need white people leading the democratic party right now.”

“I’m here for the millennials and the brown folks”.

This is who is giving us a heads-up about racism?  Well, she certainly knows something about the subject, doesn’t she?

This campaign better get used to hearing about their guy’s “you ain’t Black” comment.  Because you can bet the ranch it is going to be used – justifiably – by Trump and his people as long as Joe Biden is the Democrat candidate for President.


  • This reminds me when Joe the idiot made that insipid comment “yawall will be in chains” as he said that using a black twang- Any black, white, yellow or pinko person that votes for this total SCHMUCK will get what they deserve. He is a total discgrace

    • How about

      ‘You cannot go into a Dunkin’ Donuts or a 7-Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent.’

      LOL, alright Abu.

  • Ah don’t feel no ways tired.
    . . . . . Hillary Clinton

    …then you ain’t. black
    . . . . . . Sleepy Joesph Biden

    Which one PANDERS better?

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