As you may be aware (if not, you are now), a jury has added $22 million* dollars in punitive damages to the original $11 million it awarded Gibson’s Bakery, for the sickening defamation is suffered at the hands of Oberlin College.

To quickly summarize, Gibson’s – a fixture in Oberlin, Ohio since 1885 – had the temerity to accuse and pursue action against a shoplifter and his two female aiders/abetters.

See, the problem was that the three students in question are Black.  And, in the eyes of meredith raimondo, Oberlin’s Dean of Students, this meant not that a few students were shoplifting (FYI:  they all eventually pleaded guilty to the charges), but that the bakery must be a racist enterprise.

To this end, raimondo led the charge against Gibson’s, distributing literature accusing the bakery of racism – both on paper, and in person when she led protests in front of its street location.

The jury found raimondo personally guilty of defamation and intentional interference of business relationships.  In addition, the college was found liable for the infliction of intentional emotional distress.

Will this make Oberlin College a “woke” entity (that’s seems to be the new, snarky term for experiencing an epiphany)?

And, if so, will Oberlin become “woke” enough to rid itself of meredith raimondo (if you want to know what she is all about, read Steven Hayward’s excellent piece at powerlineblog.com.  Bring a barf bag)?  That remains to be seen.

My expection?  Even in the face of this legal disaster, I wouldn’t bet on Oberlin achieving “woke” status. Because, as we see over and over again, even at colleges some people never learn.


* Actually the jury awarded even more.  Since Ohio law says that punitive damages cannot exceed double the initial award, it had to be reduced.

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