The San Francisco Bay Area.  Home of leftist congresspeople like Nancy Pelosi, Lynn Woolsey, Jackie Speier, etc., who could not wait to vote for ObamaCare.

Well, here a few excerpts from a story on the web site of KPIX (CBS News – San Francisco) which, I have no doubt, they would like to forget about — but maybe some of the people they represent would not:

California\’s health care exchange promised potential customers they would have enough physicians to choose from. But some new enrollees, including an Alameda County woman, are discovering that their doctor choices are extremely limited.

Julia Turner is surprised that she even has to search for a doctor. When she signed up for a policy through Covered California late last year, her long-time physician was listed as participating in her Blue Shield plan. It turned out; however, that he is not accepting patients with her Blue Shield policy, purchased on the Covered California exchange.

When Turner called around to find someone else to treat her, she got more frustration. “The only doctors accepting new patients are urgent care clinics,” Turner told KPIX 5 ConsumerWatch.

None of the doctors are located in the city in which she lives. Instead, Turner said, “They are in areas of East Oakland that have a lot of violence.”

When KPIX 5 contacted all of the 41 doctors on the list Blue Shield provided to Julia, it found only four of the doctors were actually accepting new adult patients, and only one of them was board certified.

“This is not what we were promised. I see those (Covered California) commercials now and I want to scream,”Turner said.

As you can see, Julia Turner did not do a thing wrong…other than believing a word of what the political snake oil salesmen told her about ObamaCare.  But, despite this, I\’m not entirely sure I\’m sorry for her (I\’ll explain why at the end of the blog).

What has happened to Ms. Turner?  Well, instead of keeping her doctor, she had to get a new one.  Instead off staying with a doctor in her part of town, she had to go to a different part of town where there is “a lot of violence”.  Instead of having a choice of acceptable doctors to attend to her medical needs, she had a total of four – only one of whom was actually board certified.

The saddest part?  I wonder how many Julia Turners there are in the San Francisco Bay Area, and other areas of the country, who, knowing how completely they have been lied to about the unworkable monstrosity called ObamaCare, will still go to the polls in November and – like good puppy dogs – cast their ballots for the same people who screwed them over?

The answer, of course, is that there will be a ton of them.

Earlier, I noted that I was not entirely sure I was sorry for Julia Turner.  My criterion is a very basic one:  if, knowing what she does now, Ms. Turner again votes for the same people who perpetrated this debacle, I have no sympathy for her at all.  Why?  Because it would mean that she is not just experiencing the problem, she is the problem.

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