This blog is dedicated to anyone who still believes that ObamaCare is not putting the wood to senior citizens.

Here, excerpted from Katie Thomas and Robert Pear\’s article in the New York Times – published last Saturday – is the latest ObamaCare outrage:

Analliance of drug companies and patient advocates, joined by Democratsand Republicans in Congress, is fiercely opposing an Obamaadministration proposal that would allow insurers to limit Medicarecoverage for certain classes of drugs, including those used to treatdepressionand schizophrenia.

Opponentswarn that the proposal, if enacted, could harm patients. Federalofficials say it would lower costs and reduce overuse of the drugs.

Theproposedrule, which would lift a requirement that insurers cover “allor substantially all” drugs in certain treatment areas, is just oneof a series of changes to the drug program that are being opposed bythe unlikely alliance. Even insurers and drug benefit managers, whohave previously supported added limits on drug coverage, oppose therule. They object to provisions including changes to so-calledpreferred pharmacy networks, where consumers are steered toward alimited network of pharmacies, and to reducing the number of plansthat insurers can offer in any one region.

Add the disallowing of necessary medication to the pack of lies  about keeping your insurance, keeping your doctor, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Can anyone in his/her right mind doubt where ObamaCare is going when it comes to older people?

And please do NOT tell me that there won\’t be “death panels” deciding which life-prolonging health care will and will not be provided to the elderly among us.  Why would anyone in his/her right mind believe a word this administration says about “death panels”, when it has lied about everything else?

ObamaCare is an unworkable monstrosity.  All the lying by all the Obama people in the world does not change this.  And the public damn well knows it, too.  May they vote as if they know it in November.

One other thing:  I apologize for not blogging about this latest ObamaCare outrage sooner.  To be perfectly honest, I did not see the article until today.  My bad.

But, that said, would someone explain to me how, other than the New York Times (which gets full credit for this article), virtually all mainstream media managed to miss (or, more likely, decide to avoid) reporting about this?  If someone like me, who blogs avocationally, found this obviously significant information, how is it possible that these supposedly professional journalists did not? 

Do these sorry Obama propagandists even pretend to be neutral anymore?  Evidently, for a great many of them, the answer is no.

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