Ken Berwitz

The ObamaCare exchanges.  We started with 23, we\’re down to 11…and most of the rest are on the verge.

Excerpted from Ali Meyer\’s article at Washington Free Beacon:

An official with the Centers for Medicare and MedicaidServices told lawmakers last week that eight of the 11 remaining Obamacareco-ops have been selected for “corrective action plans” and “enhancedoversight.”

Twenty-three co-ops were created under the president\’s healthcare overhaul, and so far more than half have collapsed and are no longer selling plans in themarketplace. The 12 co-ops that went out of business operated in Arizona,Michigan, Utah, Kentucky, New York, Nevada, Louisiana, Oregon, Colorado,Tennessee, South Carolina and a co-op serving Iowa and Nebraska.

Can you imagine what media would have been saying about this – for years – if it were BushCare?  

But as ObamaCare continues to implode, with millions and millions fewer signups than we were told, far higher premiums, stratospheric deductibles, and most of the exchanges either gone or going, what have you heard about it from mainstream media?  

Virtually nothing, that\’s what.  Hey, this is an election year.  We can\’t have information like this being talked about, can we?

Keep \’em ignorant and you own \’em.

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