Ken Berwitz

Can this possibly be a surprise?

Rep Luis V. Gutierrez, one of Congress\’ most outspoken advocates for immigrants, on Wednesday called for expanding the Affordable Care Act to cover all of the estimated 11 million undocumented migrants in the United States.

“The goal is to make integration and inclusion real for millions of families that are locked out under current law,” the Illinois Democrat said in a floor speech introducing his proposed legislation.

Sure, why not.  And why stop there?  Let\’s give them voting rights too.  That\’s inclusion, isn\’t it?
Heck, before you know it, we\’ll be just like Mexico.  Just like the country most of these 11 million “undocumented migrants” – also known as illegal aliens – escaped to get away from.
I have news for Rep. Guitierrez (not that he doesn\’t already know it):  the one and only reason Democrats give a damn about Mexican illegals is their assumption that those illegals will soon get the vote…or maybe vote before they get the vote (no voter ID, no problem)…which, they figure, will elect lots of Democrats.
It doesn\’t get any more basic than that.

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