…Democrats, who just spent two years salivating over what it would say, while assuring us the country was hanging by its thumbs waiting for every word…

are suddenly telling us no one gives a damn.  I swear.

Here, read these opening paragraphs from Ledyard King’s article at USA Today and see for yourself:

House Democrats pushing for the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian election interference say they are not hearing much interest on the subject from their constituents back home.

A redacted version of Mueller’s report is expected within days. In a letter on March 24 summarizing Mueller’s findings, U.S. Attorney General William Barr said the special counsel had not found a conspiracy involving President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government. The special counsel also did not make a determination about whether Trump’s actions during the investigation amounted to obstruction.

Despite the Washington intrigue over the Mueller report, many Democrats say they’re not hearing much about it at town halls or in the grocery store aisles when they return to their districts.

What an amazing transformation!

The mueller report went from an absolute must-see, must-read – every word of it (just ask Jerrold Nadler) –  to yesterday’s dishwater.

This should tell you very clearly that William Barr accurately summarized the report’s conclusions.  Because if he didn’t – if Democrats had the slightest inkling that it contained anything truly significant they could hold over President Trump’s head – they would be screaming for the report now, just as they have been from day one, instead of suddenly reversing field and suggesting “it’s old news, nobody cares”.

What you are seeing, in other words, is classic political BS of the first order:  if it helps us it is hugely important, if it doesn’t help us it’s nothing/let’s talk about something else.

Enjoy the show.  And never forget the, er, sincerity level of what you are being treated to.

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