The following excerpts are extracted from a UN report on the impossibly depraved human rights abuse forced on the citizens of North Korea:

Agrim array of human rights abuses, driven by “policies establishedat the highest level of State,” have been and continue to becommitted in the Democratic People\’s Republic of Korea (DPRK),according to a United Nations-mandated report released today, whichalso calls for urgent action to address the rights situation in thecountry, including referral to the International Criminal Court(ICC).

Ina 400-page set of linked reports and supporting documents, culledfrom first-hand testimony from victims and witnesses, the UnitedNations Commission of Inquiry on human rights in the DemocraticPeople\’s Republic of Korea has documented in great detail the”unspeakable atrocities” committed in the country, says a pressrelease from the Geneva-based body.

Thegravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a State thatdoes not have any parallel in the contemporary world,” theCommission – established by the Human Rights Council in March 2013- says the report,which is unprecedented in scope.

Itfinds that, since 1950, the “State\’s violence has been externalizedthrough State-sponsored abductions and enforced disappearances ofpeople from other nations. These international enforceddisappearances are unique in their intensity, scale and nature.”

Describingcrimes such as “extermination, murder, enslavement, torture,imprisonment, rape, forced abortions and other sexual violence,persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds,forcible transfer of populations, enforced disappearance and theinhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation,” the reportadds: “Crimes against humanity are ongoing in the [DPRK] becausethe policies, institutions and patterns of impunity that lie at theirheart remain in place.”

If this isn\’t enough – if you want specific examples of what is in this report; especially what kim jung-un and his sub-human accomplices do to babies born with handicaps of any kind – read Rachel Dernhollander\’s article at 

If hitler were alive, he\’d be green with envy:

Now:  keeping in mind that this report was issued on February 17th – therefore four mornings and four nights have passed since it was available to our media – how much news coverage has this report received? 

-As much as the George Washington Bridge lane closings, for which there have been no new details in weeks?  Nope.

-As much as the infighting between factions of the Republican Party (as opposed to the Democrat infighting over ObamaCare, which gets only a fraction of coverage)?  Not a chance.

-And have any news media mentioned that it was the Clinton administration – with Hillary as “Co-President” (their words, not mine) – who subsidized North Korea\’s creation of nuclear weapons?  You\’re kidding, right?

Do you remember when we had media which actually gave a damn about what was and wasn\’t news?  Whose concern about human rights extended beyond whatever NOW, Code Pink and, etc. told them was important (when did any of those left wing organs ever protest what happens to women in North Korea, or virtually every Muslim country on earth)?

If you\’re wondering why we are in our current sorry state of affairs, maybe this has something to do with it. 

Maybe this has a lot to do with it.

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