The summit between President Trump and North Korea’s kim jung-un wrapped up suddenly and unsuccessfully today.

No deal was reached.  But there is talk of scheduling another meeting in the near future.

From Gregg Re and Ryan Gaydos’s article for

President Trump abruptly walked away from negotiations with North Korea in Vietnam and headed back to Washington on Thursday afternoon, saying the U.S. is unwilling to meet Kim Jong Un’s demand of lifting all sanctions on the rogue regime without first securing its meaningful commitment to denuclearization.

Trump, speaking in Hanoi, Vietnam, told reporters he had asked Kim to do more regarding his intentions to denuclearize, and “he was unprepared to do that.”

“Sometimes you have to walk,” Trump said at a solo press conference following the summit.

Is this a surprise.  Yes, in the sense that it looked like a deal was imminent – a deal that both parties seemed to want.

But is it a surprise that President Trump turned down what he perceived as a bad deal?  Not to anyone who knows what he wrote in “The Art Of The Deal”:  always be prepared to walk away.

Could Mr. Trump have struck a deal here – a bad deal that we would regret?  Sure he could have.

Want to see how it’s done?  Just reference the “deal” with Iran cooked up by Barack Obama and John Kerry – which President Trump also has walked away from (too late to retrieve the huge amount of “frozen” money Obama handed to Iran, though).

Is Trump’s willingness to leave with a deal going to benefit us in the long run?  Hurt us?

Time will tell.  Meanwhile, the status remains quo.

Scott Johnson, at, has a short but very instructive explanation of why this deal was not made. Here’s the link, which I strongly suggest that you read.

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