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I just read New York Times Op-Ed columnist Joe Nocera\’s latest piece, in which he analyzes, and largely skewers, the Donald Trump tax plan.

Here is how Mr. Nocera ends:

There\’s one other thing. All his life, Trump has had a deepneed to be perceived as a “winner.” He always has to be perceived coming out ontop. That\’s why, ultimately, I don\’t think he\’ll ever put himself at the mercyof actual voters in a primary. To do so is to risk losing. And everyone willknow it.

He\’llbe out before Iowa. You read it here first.

Uh…, Joe.  You didn\’t “read it here first”.  Not for anyone who reads this blog.

Does this seem a bit similar?  

There certainly is truth tosome of what Donald Trump says – as crudely and indelicately as he saysit.  But his intrusion into the presidential race (and that\’s all itis:  do not think for one minute he is actually running for President) isnothing more than a publicity stunt and a personal ego boost – which Trump cannever get enough of.  Do not believe the artificially high poll numbers,which are there only because he is making the most noise in a crowded field,and has co-opted conservative votes on a single issue.

FYI:  that came from my blog of July 10th two and a half months ago.

And you didn\’t read it in Joe\’s column second either.  I am far from the only person who has seen Trump\’s sideshow as as something other than a serious run for the White House.

Oh, one more thing, Joe:  elsewhere in your piece youseem to credit USC Professor Edward Kleinbard with the comment that “abroken clock is right twice a day”.  For the record, a) my grandfather used to say that – quite probably before you were born, b) he probably heard it from one of his older relatives, and c), in any case, with the digital age firmly in place, it is now only once a day.

But, if you really want to find creativity where there is none, I have an idea:  name one of your children Beau.  Then, at night, when you call your child\’s name – Beau Nocera – you might get a pleasant response if there are Italian-speaking people nearby.

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