If you are into raw hatred, this should make your day.

Excerpted from Nic White’s article for London’s Daily Mail:

A cancer-suffering boy’s family was bombarded with abuse after thanking Donald Trump‘s son Eric for donating $16.3 million to his hospital.

Zach, from Memphis, was diagnosed with cancer aged four and years later is in remission after treatment at St Jude’s Hospital.

His aunt Sherrie Hopper discovered that Mr Trump donated millions to the hospital and thanked him on Twitter for helping save Zach’s life.

‘The hate that has come out is unreal,’ she said.

‘Now you’re going to attack a charity? You’re going to attack a St. Jude family? Someone who went through hell for four years? Come on, now,’ 

‘They have no boundaries, no conscience, they will just hide behind the keyboard and it’s just ok to be nasty and hateful to people.’

‘Well, it’s not. We already went through hell, we don’t need you. We don’t need this.’

Mr Trump also commented on the abuse they received, adding ‘sadly, nothing is off limits for some’.

Ms Hopper said the abuse continued for almost two weeks afterwards and she regretted starting it off by thanking Mr Trump.

This is what the mother of a child with cancer gets for daring to thank someone who contributed over $16 million dollars to the hospital treating him.

Does it surprise you?  By this time, I would hope not.  Because it is shown over and over again.

No group hates as completely and intensely as the left.

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