We all know that Canada is a country of superseding tolerance, which welcomes all newcomers with open arms, regardless of their legal status.  Right?

Well, not if you believe a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, released today, which asked Canadians what should be done with illegals who cross the United States border into Canada.

According to that poll, a plurality (48%) said “Send ’em back”, compared to 36% saying let them stay.

How did that happen?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact, which I blogged about yesterday, that in the first 67 days of this year, Canada has detained more illegals than in any of the past three entire years.

Call me a dreamer, but I can’t help suspecting that Canada’s tolerance level for illegal aliens is at least somewhat related to how many of them actually show up.  See, it’s easier to be tolerant when they’re crossing the Mexican border into the USA, than when they’re crossing the USA border into Canada.  Then it…well, it hits a little closer to home.

And with illegals increasingly worried about deportation from the USA back to their countries of origin (not just Mexico), it is an excellent bet the number of detainees will continue to rise – along with the percentage of Canadians who do not want them to stay.

Hey, here’s a crazy thought:  what if this causes Canadian media to do what USA media avoid like Dracula avoids the cross:  to talk about WHY people from Mexico and other central American countries would rather live in the shadows, illegally, away from their families and their native culture, than as full citizens in their own countries.

That would be a refreshing change, wouldn’t it?

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