If President Trump succeeds in revamping the horrible NAFTA deal with Mexico and Canada, it will be greatly beneficial to the United States and stand as one of the major achievements of his presidency…

…which, it seems evident, is precisely why Democrats in congress are trying to prevent this greatly beneficial new deal from happening.

Excerpted from William Mauldin’s article in the Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON—President Trump’s push to revamp North America’s trade rules is hitting a roadblock in Washington as Democrats and labor groups demand changes, dimming its chances of passage before next year’s presidential election.

As Congress returns from recess this week with a full plate of priorities, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and other prominent Democrats have signaled they won’t allow a vote on the administration’s new agreement with Canada and Mexico without certain changes.

Democrats said they want to make it easier to enforce new rules designed to strengthen labor rights in Mexico, saying a lack of worker protections there is hurting wages and job prospects for U.S. workers. Trump administration officials said these concerns can be handled in follow-up legislation that would implement the U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement, or USMCA.

The deal must still be ratified by all three countries, and there is no deadline for that to happen. But with the U.S. election season approaching, some Republicans and trade experts said Democrats may be seeking in part to deny Mr. Trump a political win—or at least to exact a heavy price for advancing the deal.

The agreement has yet to get through the ratification process in Canada and Mexico, but it is the prospect of resistance in the U.S. that now stands as the biggest question mark, according to people following the talks.



So Democrats, in an effort to deny Donald Trump a political achievement – even if it also means denying the United States a better deal with our neighbors – are demanding that Mr. Trump tell Mexico to revise its labor laws – something Mexico will never allow the United States to do.  All in the name of helping U.S. workers, you see.

How very noble.

Now, tell me:  did you ever hear one word about this from these same Democrats, during all the time NAFTA was in place – up to and including the 8 years of the Obama administration?

Can you name one Democrat who said “President Obama, I demand you put the wood to Mexico over its labor laws to protect U.S. workers”.  You can’t, can you?

This is exactly the kind of political excrement that turns my stomach.   Exactly the kind of political excrement that got Donald Trump elected in the first place.  Exactly the kind of political excrement that causes Donald Trump to fill stadiums everywhere he goes, with people whose stomachs are turned by it as much as mine is.

When do they learn to stop, to put the country first?  Ever?

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  • The election is a year and a half away.

    Headline at Drudge
    Poll finds Trump in dead head-to-head heats with four Dems in Texas…

    Polls all showed Trump would lose last time too.

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