Yes Virginia, there is a Newsweek.  Barely, but it’s still there, sort of.

However, if what is left of this once-meaningful media venue keeps putting up things like this, even its remnants aren’t going to survive.

From Charlie Spiering’s article at

President Donald Trump mocked Newsweek after they reported Thursday he spent Thanksgiving golfing and tweeting. In fact, the president was secretly traveling to Afghanistan to visit deployed American troops.

“I thought Newsweek was out of business?” Trump wrote on Twitter, sharing a screenshot of the article and photos of him with the troops in Afghanistan posted by his son Donald Trump Jr.


And in case you think Newsweek is the only offender….

A similar situation happened when President Trump visited the troops in Iraq during Christmas in 2018. NBC News reported Trump was the first president since 2002 not to visit the troops at Christmastime, while he was secretly traveling to Iraq, prompting widespread ridicule from Trump staff and his supporters.

Can media make mistakes?  Yeah, sure they can.  Just like you and me, they are going to make mistakes every now and then.

But doesn’t it stand to reason that journalistic mistakes would be random in their direction – i.e. in Trump’s case about half the journalistic mistakes would cast him in too much of a positive light and about half would cast him in too much of a negative light?

With that in mind, tell me:  how many times have you seen a mainstream media mistake about Trump that cast him in too much of a positive light?


Sort of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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