Yesterday, michael cohen –already convicted of lying to Congress and on his way to jail – testified before the house oversight committee and told it what a bad guy Donald Trump was – Donald Trump being his employer for 11 years who he reaped huge amounts of money from and said he would be ever faithful to… until it was more beneficial to turn in the opposite direction.

Yesterday, President Trump met with North Korean head of state kim jung un, in an effort to secure a peace between the two koreas and, more generally, throughout Asia.

I won’t ask you which of these two news events was more important, on the grounds that I don’t want to insult your intelligence.

But I will tell you how much coverage time CNN and MSNBC gave each of these events, via the following excerpt from Nicholas Fondacaro and Curtis Houck’s article at newsbusters.org:

During the prime time and night hours on CNN and MSNBC (7:00 p.m. Eastern and 12 a.m. Eastern), the nine liberal hosts spent a combined 428 minutes and 19 seconds obsessing over the testimony of convicted liar Michael Cohen, and plotting how it could be used to bring down the Trump presidency. CNN’s share was 225 minutes and 10 seconds, while MSNBC sat at 203 minutes and nine seconds.

In stark contrast, these same cable networks spent a pitiful 12 minutes and 50 seconds combined discussing the unfolding and historic summit in Vietnam. CNN’s measly contribution was two minutes, 14 seconds. MSNBC’s was 10 minutes, 36 seconds with over half of that (five minutes, 54 seconds) having come during Hardball as Steve Kornacki again provided a refreshing break from Chris Matthews.

Twice on CNN, during Erin Burnett OutFront (7:00 p.m. Eastern hour) and the first hour of CNN Tonight (10:00 p.m. Eastern hour), there was not a single update or news story solely about the summit.

I could now write a few paragraphs on what this tells you about CNN and MSNBC.  But, for the second time in this blog, I don’t want to insult your intelligence.

Do these networks really think of themselves as news venues?


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  • Thank you for reminding us how diabolical most of the professional news media are. As one has who has doubted them since the 70s it is almost amusing how competitive they are for a story, any story. My prediction that they would be as entertaining as sitcoms and series on television has come true. Problem is many Americans rely upon them for some form of reality. I automatically wait and watch occasionally for a week when a breaking news event occurs. By then enough facts are available for our attention or another pipe-dream has ended. I have to wonder how many of the professionals watch or play Angry Birds? There must be some obvious explanation for such obnoxious behavior by adults who want everyone to believe them.

    And I have much respect in our American President D. R. Trump for his endurance and perseverance!

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