Has the presidential election in Nevada already been decided?

Read these excerpts from James DeHaven’s article in the Reno Gazette Journal and judge for yourself:

Friday’s battle over Assembly Bill 4, the elections bill, comes after a mostly mail-in June primary election that saw some voters wait several hours at one of the “extremely limited” in-person polling places state officials kept open during the coronavirus outbreak. 

It would also permit some of those voters, namely the elderly and those with physical disabilities, to request that someone else fill out and hand in their ballot, a practice Republicans repeatedly decried as illegal “ballot harvesting.”

(Republican) Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske has long planned a return to in-person voting after getting mixed reviews of the state’s first vote-by-mail election. 

But Democrats, seen as the primary beneficiary of mail-in elections, can override Cegavske under a controversial bill provision that lets the governor, not the state’s top election official, decide how polling places run in an emergency.

Ballot harvesting?  Brought to you by the Democrat Party, which won maybe a half dozen congressional seats from Republicans by using this “technique” in California two years ago? (Click here to read the jaw-dropping details.)

And let’s not forget this is the same Democrat Party that fights against Voter ID, fights against updating voter rolls/purging dead people and favors giving driver’s licenses to illegals, who can then use them to register to vote?

Can you smell the stench?  I know I can, and I’m over two thousand miles away.

Either Republicans in Nevada better figure out some way of preventing, or neutralizing a great many “he told me that’s who he wanted to vote for, honest” ballots, or they might as well concede Nevada now.

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