At 8:55 this morning (Eastern time) I watched a news report (the word “news” does not deserve to be sullied by the way it was used here) on NBC-TV, New York.

The video showed last night’s Minneapolis riot in progress, complete with hooded thugs throwing objects as who knows what or who, and buildings burning. Literally, anarchy on the streets.

And how did the NBC reporter characterize what we were seeing?

“A final recap, now, of the nationwide protests demanding justice for George Floyd and, by extension, the larger Black community in this country”

An orgy of anarchy and destruction by street thugs, right in front of your eyes, is characterized as a demand for justice for George Floyd and the larger Black community????????

And as the report continued, the term “protesters” was used exclusively to describe what the video was showing.

NOT  rioting, or looting, or violence, or vandalism, or arson, ALL of which were plainly visible on the video.  No, just “protesters”.

You want an example of “fake news”?  In-your-face BS that will do nothing but inflame rather than calm racial tensions?  Try that on for size.

And then they wonder why fewer and fewer people trust them?


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  • I guess for the Democrat run cities the destruction from their reaction to the coronavirus wasn’t sufficient, now they are letting their supporters destroy what they didn’t.

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