I watched NBC’s report of John Dean testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on this morning’s Today Show.

No mention that Dean is a convicted felon.

No mention that he is a disbarred lawyer.  No mention that he has done his “worse than watergate” and “(Republican President) must be impeached” routine in the past.

And  – other than a reference to Dean’s being a “star witness” in Watergate – no footage of any Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee pointing out that Dean has absolutely zero percent to do with the Trump witch hunt.  Only of committee chair Nadler solemnly intoning that “We have a responsibility to do this work, to follow the facts where they lead” as if the facts of the Trump investigation (which, let’s remember, are that mueller found no collusion and insufficient evidence to pursue any obstruction of justice charge) lead to testimony about nothing from a convicted, disbarred, discredited Trump hater from the Nixon era.

To call this idiotic is an insult to idiots.

But…thank you, NBC, for your eminently fair, evenhanded reporting; your usual wonderful job of presenting both sides without partisanship.

I’m sure Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the two dozen Democrats who are vying for the Democrat presidential nomination couldn’t be more appreciative.

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