I put on NBC’s Today Show, and watched the three or so minutes assigned to yesterday’s impeachment trial.

The Republican case presented?  A total of about 10 seconds of Alan Dershowitz saying that even if Trump did what Bolton said he did, it does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

That’s it.  A full day of testimony culled to maybe ten seconds.

Instead of the Republican case, this “news” report talked almost exclusively about the so-called revelation in John Bolton’s not-yet-released book – which NBC acknowledges it has not even seen – that Trump said aid to Ukraine was contingent on an investigation of the Bidens.

For the entire three minutes the chyron at the bottom of the screen said ‘BOLTON BOMBSHELL AND THE GOP” – thus telling viewers that the accusation they had not seen was, in fact, a “bombshell”.

Here’s a little news – real news – for NBC, and their many, many similarly inclined pals in mainstream media:  whatever Bolton says about this is irrelevant.

That’s right.  Irrelevant.

Let’s take a worst-case scenario for Trump.  Let’s fantasize that Bolton secretly video taped Trump saying those exact words.  And he signed a paper swearing he said them too.  Now there is absolutely no doubt that Donald Trump said aid to the Ukraine was contingent on an investigation of the Bidens.

Did Ukraine get the aid – every penny of it?  Yes.

Did any investigation of the Bidens take place?  No.


That, folks, is the 800 pound gorilla in the get-Trump room, the one they can’t get past.

Even if Trump said what Bolton maybe claiming (we still don’t even know that for sure), he didn’t do it.  And when you don’t do it, it doesn’t count.

-If a frustrated mom tells her son, “Jimmy, if you don’t eat your lunch I’m not going to give you any food for the next month”, no one will put her in jail for child abuse.

-If an angry husband tells his wife, “Do that again and I’ll kill you”, he’s not going to jail for murder.

-If a disgruntled gambler says “I’m going to force my way into that back room in the casino and fill my pockets with the money they won from me” he’s not going to jail for theft.

Got it?

It is genuinely disheartening that there will be people watching NBC’s sham of a “news” report and taking it seriously.

But there will be.  And they vote.


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  • Well Sir I hope see that ACLJ Counselor Jay Alan Sekulow delivered a major statement today at the Senate Impeachment Trail. I tuned into Fox around noon in time to listen to his wonderful and honest assessment of the ‘Peach’ party! Mr. Sekulow is apart of President D.J.Trumps Legal Team. Finally some good news.

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