Pasted on smile.

Shortness of breath (a quick gasp every three to five words).

Occasional stumbling over her words.

And, after an extensive trip through the history of our country’s founding, barfed out the overt, easily checkable lies, that:

-Trump’s impeachable actions are “uncontested” (OF COURSE they’re contested), and

-The constitutional scholars in yesterday’s testimony “illuminated, without a doubt, that the President’s actions are profound violations…have seriously violated the constitution” (One of the four, Jonathan Turley – the only one not hand-picked by Democrats – specifically said the opposite; that nothing that Trump did was impeachable.

Now, Ms. Pelosi gasped out, there is no choice but to proceed with a vote on articles of impeachment…

…which should just thrill the dozens of first-term Democrat House members in districts Trump won in 2018.

She then ended with comments about how prayerful Democrats are over this action (we’re supposed to believe there is a religious component to this farce?????)

I’m starting to wonder if, somewhere in a dark corner of Capital Hill, Pelosi, schiff, Nadler and their pals signed some kind of suicide pact.

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  • After she left the podium, then went back up to yell at some reporter for asking a question she didn’t like, I couldn’t help but start yelling at my computer monitor “Boo Boo Traitor, Your a Traitor, Boo Boo Traitor!
    I think everywhere they go, Democrats should be booed and labeled what they are. Shout them down anywhere you see them.

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