In case anyone doubts that both sides are capable of being utterly ridiculous…

…we now have the accusation that Nancy Pelosi attacked Donald Trump for visiting Saudi Arabia before Canada, because “it’s not even in alphabetical order”.

Let’s take a look at the video (she makes the Saudi Arabia comment starting at about 1:18), then we’ll talk:


OK, yeah, she said it.  But Ms. Pelosi’s comment was clearly meant as an amusing, milder-than-mild sarcasm, not as anything serious.  And the websites trying to build it into something more than this should find a better, more credible, use of their time.

That said, there is something extremely important that Nancy Pelosi did say and did mean literally, before she said a word about Saudi Arabia.

Ms. Pelosi mentioned that, during the congressional break, she was in four or five different countries, and was approached by people bringing up criticisms of President Trump, thus giving her openings to respond in kind.  Her response:

“We don’t criticize our President when we go abroad.  We may have our disagreements. which we fully air in our own country, but we don’t go overseas and criticize our President.  So if that’s what you came to this meeting to do, that’s not what we are here to do”.

That is EXACTLY RIGHT.  It’s what we have always done, with few exceptions.

Sadly, one such exception is former President Barack Obama, who, while in Germany this week, had no problem making a negative attack on President Trump’s intention to build a wall between the USA and Mexico.

Maybe Ms. Pelosi, who has it dead-on 100% correct, might have a word with Mr. Obama about that….as if it would do any good.

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