The following excerpt, from Jeff Mordock’s article for the Washington Times, not only is a revealing look at Jerrold Nadler’s partisan hackery, but another example of information mainstream media could be reporting but chooses not to:

As Democrats push forward with a plan to haul Attorney General William P. Barr before a federal judge for contempt of Congress, a stunning admission by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler could torpedo that case, legal experts say.

The House Judiciary Committee last week took the first step toward holding Mr. Barr in contempt for defying a congressional subpoena demanding special counsel Robert Mueller’s “full unredacted” report along with all the supporting evidence. Republicans say he even rejected an amendment that sought to carve grand jury information out of the subpoena, issued in March.

But Mr. Nadler now says he “never intended” to force Mr. Barr to release confidential grand jury information, which under federal law is severely restricted in how it can be released.

Republicans were left wondering what the last six weeks’ worth of fighting was about, and legal experts were left wondering whether Mr. Nadler’s case will hold up in court, should he try to ask a judge to enforce his demands.

As we have already discussed here, other than the grand jury testimony – which is illegal for Barr to hand over – the full, unredacted mueller report is already available to Nadler and every other member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Therefore, if Nadler never intended to force Barr into providing the grand jury testimony, he’s already got the full unredacted report….

which, of couse he knows.  And knew all the time.

In other words, Nadler’s demand was nothing but a cheap, headline-grabbing stunt all along.

But – a cheap, headline-grabbing stunt that virtually all mainstream media happily bought into and dutifully reported as if it were legitimate.

Remember how many “journalists” were parroting Nadler’s line that this was a “constitutional crisis”, like the good, obedient, Democrat-owned lapdogs so many of them are?

Well, now that Nadler has gotten his publicity out of it, and the voters he hoped to make fools of have been fed the “constitutional crisis” BS for a week or so, it can be dropped.  And, other than articles like the one excerpted above,  who will even know why?  If mainstream media do not call Nadler and his pals on this, most voters will not have a clue.

Mission accomplished for the partisan hack.  And another example of why fewer and fewer people trust mainstream media for the rest of us.

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  • Nadler needs it released to the entire House, if it is only released to the House Judiciary Committee that means when the info is leaked to the press we will only have a few Dems that could have leaked it.
    That’s why Nadler wants it released to the full House of Representatives.

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